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Covid-19 Disclaimer: We are well aware that we may still be dealing with the pandemic into 2021. However pricing has not and will not change. Prom contractual agreements are to be paid in full regardless of cancelled or unattended events. If you are unsure or unable to foresee paying off your garment in the future, please do not book.

Mask are required at each appointment.

Thank you.  


Prom Gowns : Start at $860 + depending on design detail, which includes the following; production of garment start to finish, all fabric, all trims and or appliqués  2-3 fittings, no exchanges or refunds. Any cancellations after a deposit has been made are non-refundable.


Price range: $860- $1,600. Pricing depends on date of registration, date of prom, design details, fabric type, color, print, size, location of client, level of pattern complexity and hand sewn elements. Taxes are included in each price, shipping is not.** Dresses with complex lace appliqués, crystals , embellishments, feathers or handmade roses start at $1000+.


Payments and Deposits: An initial deposit of $500 is due at consultation in order to start.  Installment payments are due by the 29th of each consecutive month after your initial deposit is paid. Deposits must be paid before any fittings can be scheduled. Full payment is due by February 28, 2020 for those that booked in 2019. If you do not have your deposit by your consultation date please email us before your appointment, to let us know when you plan to pay.


30 day Deposit window: If No deposit is paid within 30 days of your consultation date, your spot will become available to someone else. We cannot hold your space or start the design process until a full deposit is paid. Your registration reserves your spot, your deposit locks it in. Consecutive payments must be made monthly after the initial deposit is made. 


Forms of Payment: We accept ,Cash, All major credit cards and payments

through Square invoice, PayPal or Cash App. No checks accepted! If you would like to make a payment towards your garments, we can email you an invoice or you may send a payment via cash app to $JasmineStudio or on the Prom pay page on the website . If you use Cash App method, please be sure to enter who and what the payment is for when sending it. 


Registration: Clients can hold their space on the list as well as consultation date and time by registering at or by clicking on the prom tab, registration must be done via computer.  Registration is a non-inclusive $100 that does not go toward the price of your garments. You will not be considered as a client if registration is not complete. After you register you will be sent a private link to book your appointment. 

Prom Inspiration : After registration is complete, All inspiration must be Emailed to  .Please only send 1-2 photos. As well as the color you would like to wear and your first and last name in the subject box. 


Consultations: Prom appointments begin in October, for 2k20 prom clients, you will be invited to a private consultation appointment once you have completed registration. A parent or guardian must accompany you to your appointment. You can only bring 2 people besides yourself to your appointment. Any extra people will be asked to wait in the showroom. 

Guest: Only 2 people can accompany you to your fitting. You must bring a parent or guardian to all fittings.  

Fitting requirements: Please come with good hygiene, wear form fitting clothing, and proper underwear to your fittings. There will be 2-3 fittings. The third fitting is also your final fitting and garment pick up. A mutual time and date will be scheduled. Please address anything during your fittings otherwise we cannot accommodate your needs. 


Late Fees: If you are more than 30 minutes late to any of your scheduled appointments there will be an additional $25 fee added onto your balance due. If you are a no call no show to any set appointments or fittings, there will be an additional $25 fee added onto your balance due. If you miss a deposit window for any payments due by a specific date, there is an additional $100 late fee added to your remaining balance. Please Be On Time! 

Time frame for completion: 2-3 months max. Completion time also depends on registration dates of clients and the number of clientele being serviced at the time. 


Cancellations/refund policy: Garments are custom to your specific measurements, we cannot accept any returns or cancellations for ANY REASON. If you cancel your order for any reason,(i.e you are no longer going to the prom), you will not receive a refund on any prior payments made for any service rendered. It is your responsibility as the client to verbalize any concerns you have to us so we can accommodate you. 

Client Information: We do not keep client information after 45-90 days after no payment for any service. We do not give out measurements or any other information we have obtained during your consultation. 

Out of State? You still need to register to be considered a client. Also send us an email , we will send you our out of state client form and more information.

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