Rent a Rack or Shelf Space . 

Are you an Entrepreneur? An Emerging Fashion Designer?

A Fashion Student Seeking More retail experience or exposure?

An Entrepreneur with a product you want to be sold in stores?

Have you ever dreamed your garments, or products could be sold in a boutique or store? 

{Here is Your opportunity}


Rent A Rack or a Shelf space 

You can rent a rack or shelf space in our Fashion studio/boutique on a month to month basis and sell your Products or garments! All the sales you make from your items are yours to keep! You do not have to be present in the store in order for your items to sell. We will provide the neccessary hangers, fixtures etc. to showcase your items! Rack or Shelf Rent varies on quantities and product price point. Sales Tax on the products sold will be added into JRStudio sales tax fee(s). 


It is your responsibility to tag your items and label them with a description of the garment or item  and its price.  You can price your items as high as you believe the quality is worth. If you are selling garments, they must be sewn well and look store ready! Products must display your brand name or logo. 



You must also help market your own items so people can come and shop your brand within our studio/boutique. During store hours. 


What were looking for

We are accepting all categories of clothing; be it Ready to wear, Designer, Contemporary, Sport, High Fashion, Haute Couture, Etc. Both woman’s wear and menswear are also accepted. Products such as Clothing, or Accessories, Beauty, or Body products must be up to par with the Jasmine Rene Studio Image, and it is at our discretion to accept of deny your product, or garments. 

Rack/Retail space

You must be able to fill the space you rent with Your brand or products . At least 5-10 pieces, 5 being the minimum for clothing. You can put as many items on your rack as your space allows. You can have style and size variations of a garment.  Example; S/M/L/XL .Cohesion is preferred but not necessary.

Garments must look fresh and smell clean {if previously used in a fashion show or showcase must be dry cleaned}. Beauty or Body products must list ingredients.  



When your items sell, we will notify you daily of all your sales, we will also let you know when you will need to restock your rack when it gets low. Mark downs, if your items are not moving, (selling) before the month is out, we will contact you to mark the items on sale , sales prices will be negotiated. 

Designer Recognition- All Designers/Student Designers/Entrepreneurs , will be recognized by their name, bio and business card {if provided} in a labeled display above their garments on their rented rack(s). They will also be featured on our social media outlet(s).



Rent is due the 1st of every month for your rack retail space. You must give a 30 day notice if you wish to withdraw your garments from the boutique. Your items must be restocked each month with fresh looks that are on trend.


Refund policy

All custom designed garments are final sale and non refundable. Items made by designers cannot be exchanged or returned do to our exclusivity policy. As well as one of a kind Jewelry, Beauty or Body Products.  


Email Us

*If you are a student designer type the words {Student Rack} in the subject box when sending your  email. *If you are an Emerging Designer put the words {Fashion Designer Rack} in the subject when sending your email. If you are an Entrepernuer with a product put {Product Rack} in the subject box.   


For more information on Rental Rack Rates

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Are you an entrepreneur?

Jasmine Rene Studio has room for your Product or garment to be displayed in our Studio/Boutique. Have your brand Merhandised alongside other talented designers and entrepreneurs. Be it Beauty, Fashion, Art or Body Products, Here is your opportunity to sell your brand! Rent a Rack or Shelf Space today! 

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