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Article By Dee Porter of Grindinginreallife.com

#GoGIRLS: Jasmine Rene's Fashion Sense

The first year I did "12 Days of Christmas," a young girl named Faith wanted to be a fashion designer. I only had to ask a couple people if they knew a female fashion designer for Faith to shadow, and they both said Jasmine Rene. Faith and I met up at the shop, where Jasmine educated her on different fabric types, gave a little of her background, let Faith sew her own pillows, and even had a gift for her. Jasmine treated Faith like family, perhaps because family is a big part of the reason Jasmine Rene Studio is successful.

Her grandfather was an artist, and Jasmine possesses some of his work, and inevitably the gift in her blood. As a kid, she was the center of attention for her unique style, cutting up her clothes and rocking them in a unique way. "My friends would always ask to borrow my clothes because I dressed very artsy and cute." But it was in high school, when she took fashion design classes and graduated at the top of her class, that she knew she had to pursue fashion design. "I enjoyed that the only homework was drawing 30 illustrations every night."

Even though we see more people forging their own paths and molding their future how they see fit, there's still this idea of "safe" careers. Fashion Designer isn't on that list. But Jasmine Rene's family was in her corner. "My mom was my biggest cheerleader whenever I felt discouraged or felt like giving up. She would always say 'I believe in you! You're my She-ro!'"

With her family's support, graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fashion Design, and she says the education she received from there was vital to her career. "Without learning the skills I needed to know how to properly construct a garment, and develop a sketch into a pattern to the final product, I wouldn't have a business."

Jasmine Rene took the traditional route after college and got a regular gig, but wasn't satisfied. Most families would encourage their children to keep their safe job, but her parents supported her passion. So much so, that, after disciplining herself to save money to open her first store, her father went half with her financially to make it happen. After graduating from college in August 2012, Jasmine Rene was a business owner 10 months later in June 2013.

The window to her studio faced the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant, so she put up a window display to attract customers. But word of mouth, and those bomb prom dresses she started doing in 2010 really helped grow her business. And she's always accessible through her website, JasmineRene.com (that she designed, and maintains herself).

"Even though it was only 200 square feet I was so proud of myself to have started a business just a few months out of college, while working a full time job and having my shop in the same city I graduated high school from. Just thinking back on it makes me smile."

Since her humble beginnings, Jasmine Rene has been busy expanding both her store and her brand. The owner of the building that housed her first store informed all the tenants that the building would be demolished, and though devastated, the news didn't stop her. She worked out of her home, housing a lot of her things in her dad's garage. Then in 2017 came the big payoff: Jasmine Rene Studio, offering Fashion Design, Alterations, and a Beauty Bar. Oh, she's also a licensed cosmetologist. Her studio is basically a one-stop beauty shop.

Jasmine Rene's accomplishments don't stop there though. She has a 4-page feature in the worldwide textbook series Emerging Fashion Designers, and has had numerous designs on Cleveland.com and BlackBride.com. She even debuted her collection during New York Fashion Week in 2015.

And you might've seen her work on the small screen. Gabby Heart of News 3 Las Vegas wore a gorgeous dress the night of their live New Years Eve Broadcast.

One of her clients, boxer Montana Love, also wore her design on Showtime for a boxing match. He won too.

I'm no news anchor or boxer, but when I was in a squeeze and needed a dress to escort deserving kids to prom, Jasmine Rene came through for me as well.

From the kid who dressed weird in school, to being a published fashion designer. Talk about Grinding In Real Life! "I've been designing for over 12 years and this is still only the beginning."

Well you're off to a great start. You Go G.I.R.L.

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